You can never leave...

Last winter daypage II/XIII
Eerie woods of Music

This was a joyfyl end for the 28th. As the clock passed midnigt, the family photo would have shown an unnaturally beautiful couple; the man glowing with joy and pride, the woman deathly pale, and weak, but teary-eyed with happiness, and two twin girls, both with ink black hair already at birth.

Then, something unexpected made itself known. A third twin was still struggling to crawl into this world. The doctor helped the best he could, as the mother's strength was inevitably fading. Only a painful and endless-seeming moment after midnight, one life was exchanged to another, and a third, tiny girl was born. The fast-witted midwife hastily named the new-comer "Agatha", as she knew, that, that was, what the child's mother would have wanted.